About Us

Bouldin Corporation (BouldinCorp) is the parent company of WastAway, LLC, Composite Products of America, LLC, and Bouldin & Lawson, LLC. The company began in 1959 as Bouldin & Lawson, a manufacturer of agricultural and horticultural machinery for the greenhouse and nursery industries.

Drawing from its expertise in manufacturing and engineering, BouldinCorp began developing revolutionary solutions to meet one of our most threatening environmental concerns – the increasing household waste stream and landfill proliferation.

BouldinCorp has developed a revolutionary process for transforming household garbage into recycled, safe and useful raw material for consumers and business, thereby reducing our dependency on landfills.

History of BouldinCorp:

  • 1959: Founded as Bouldin & Lawson in McMinnville, Tennessee
  • B&L manufactures over 80 machines to serve the horticulture & nursery industries
  • B&L develops a base of over 2500 national & international customers
  • 1996: B&L diversifies operations in
    • Demilitarization equipment for the Department of Defense
    • Large grinders to reduce the volume of wood waste and construction debris for construction and demolition industries
  • 2002: BouldinCorp formed as parent company of WastAway Services, Composite Products of America and Bouldin & Lawson.
  • June, 2003: WastAway receives recycling contract from Warren County, Tennessee to recycle household garbage.
  • July, 2005 BouldinCorp and Battelle institute awarded the prestigious R&D 100 Award. The WastAway Municipal Solid Waste Recycling System was selected by an "independent judging panel and the editors of R&D Magazine as one of the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace." (Press Release)
  • 2007 WastAway begins using Fluff in gasification process to fuel boilers to produce steam. Steam is used for the WastAway process. Green Energy from Fluff becomes a reality.
  • Today: BouldinCorp continues to grow its operations as it guides and directs its three subsidiaries.

BouldinCorp Companies:

Bouldin & Lawson WastAway Services Composite Products of America